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80 Series

The venerable 80 Series may be the heaviest duty rig Toyota ever brought to the US. Solid axles, optional lockers and a bulletproof drivetrain make the 80 an absolute beast offroad.

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95-97 FZJ80 Turbo

80's get heavy fast when kitted out for excursions into the backcountry. The factory 212 HP at the crank turns into a dismal ~130 HP at the wheels to push rigs that weigh 7K+ lbs. Changing gear ratios can help get the power to the ground but nothing does more for drivability than adding power at the crank, and this is exactly what the Cruisers and Company Turbo Kit does. For 95-97 FZJ80's this kit modernizes how these tanks drive.

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Before our test mule was making 146 HP and 191 FT-LBS of torque. After the addition of our turbo kit it jumped to 210 HP and 290 FT-LBS at the wheels! That's a 44% increase in horsepower and 52% increase in torque. Learn more about what is necessary to turbo your 80 Series by checking out our FAQ below

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