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1995 -1997 FZJ80, 1996-1997 LX450 Turbo Kit
  • 1995 -1997 FZJ80, 1996-1997 LX450 Turbo Kit

    The Cruisers and Company Turbo Kit supplies everything you need to have a running, driving, Turbo'd 1995 -1997 FZJ80 or 1996-1997 LX450.  Our kit took our test rig, a 1997 LX450 with 75K miles on the engine and 348K on the transmission, from 146HP/191FTLBS to 210HP/290FTLBS on 7.25 lbs of boost. Utilizing the factory exhuast manifolds the turbo is mounted with a tig welded stainless steel J-Pipe that has a billet collector ensuring a perfect fit, new hardware and gaskets are included. The j-pipe is also braced between the collector and engine adding even more stability for those times you are really using your 80. The downpipe is also tig welded stainless steel and includes a flex bellow and M18x1.5 bung for an AFR sensor. To add reliability we fitted a Turbosmart recirculating blow off valve so that the compressor wheel and shaft aren't unduly stressed in rapid off throttle situations. Water lines, oil lines and necessary adapters to keep your turbo running smoothly are included. All intake piping and clamps are included in the kit and will work with the factory early 80 series battery tray for those of you running a dual battery set up. To help with heat management we include a turbo beanie, 4 feet of heatshield armor to wrap the down pipe and AC line that runs past the J-Pipe. This kit is 99% bolt on - minor welding to join the factory exhaust to the downpipe is required. 

    • What's Included

      • Pulsar Turbo - PSR6682 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
      • 7.25 PSI Wastegate Spring
      • Turbo Blanket
      • J-Pipe 
      • Down pipe with insulation
      • Intake piping - will work with FJ80 Dual Battery Tray
      • Denso Spark Plugs
      • Turbosmart Reciculating Blow Off Valve
      • Oil feed and return lines with adapters
      • Water supply and return lines with adapters
      • Vacuum/Boost Guage Adapter
      • Extra exhaust pipe and VBands to connect to existing exhaust to the down pipe
    • More Information

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